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Quality - Our company


We are an engineering consulting company, specialised in maritime and civil engineering, in both aspects as studies, projects, site management and project management, planning and related economic studies, offering a wide range of services to our clients. The sustainable development as reference framework and the integration of the environmental variable in the works design is a constant in our daily activity.
We have just celebrated the XIX anniversary of Iberport Consulting S.A. We are experienced, we are growing and increasing the value of our projects management. Since 2003 things have evolved and changed with us such as techniques, technologies, knowledge..., more professional and skilled colleagues but the essential remains unchanged, our human dimension, commitment to clients, companies and organizations. This is, therefore highlighted in our mission statement as a company:
“Satisfaction of our clients is our priority and the acknowledgment of our professionals our encouragement”.


In this report the main contents related to the current reality of Iberport Consulting S.A. are shown, keeping our fundamental values:

  • Teamwork.
  • Innovation.
  • Responsible commitment.
  • Quality.

In these lines we want to share with you these values and guidelines which are the basis leading our activities in the different key areas of our business model.

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Quality - Management policy

The policy guidelines laid down by Iberport Consulting consider the satisfaction of our clients’ needs, protection of the environment and safety as key aspects in its business and integral part of its activity. Consistent with this commitment, the following Management Policy is defined on the basis of the following aspects:


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Quality - Our company

Port Authority of Valencia
Port Authority of Ferrol
Port Authority of Tarragona
Port Authority of Bilbao
Public entity Ports of Galicia

Areas of Professional Activity

Professional services of Iberport Consulting S.A. are aimed at construction companies, property development companies, Public Administration, private clients or companies which do not hold a technical team or require specialized support to carry out a construction or operational project. Our main areas of professional activity are the following:


1. Ports
2. Coasts
3. Environment
4. Solid Waste Treatment
5. Hydraulic Works

6. Wastewater treatment
7. Transport isfrastructures 
8. Housing development 
9. Urbanism and land planning
10. Architecture
11. Structures
12. Geotechnics

13. Industrial warehouse
14. Industrial facilities
15. Shopping and recreation centres
16. Health and safety


Among the clients of Iberport, a selection of entities and companies names has been set out below:


Public Entities


Autoridad Portuaria de Valencia


Autoridad Portuaria del Ferrol


Autoridad Portuaria de Tarragona



  • Port Authority of Valencia
  • Port Authority of Ferrol
  • Port Authority of Tarragona
  • Port Authority of Bilbao
  • Public entity Ports of Galicia
  • Public Administrations
  • Valencian Regional Ministry for Infrastructures
  • Spanish Ministry of Environment, and Rural and Marine Affairs
  • Spanish Ministry of Public Works and Transport
  • Asturias Regional Government for Infrastructures and Transport

Private Companies

  • Cyes Construcciones
  • West LB
  • Dragados
  • DHL
  • UG21
  • Dredging International
  • Cyes Concesiones
  • Pavasal
  • Ferrovial
  • CRC
  • Somague
  • Constr.Rubau
  • Marinas Cyes
  • Sedesa
  • Sacyr
  • Const .Vera
  • Arkas
  • U.T.E. Los Hornillos
  • Comsa
  • Acciona
  • Ceinsa
  • T.P.P.S


Professional Services

Studies and reports

  • Infrastructures Master Plans
  • Alternative solutions studies
  • Solution studies
  • Preliminary studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Economic studies
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Work site reports
  • Equipments reports


  • Preliminary Projects
  • Basic Projects
  • Design
  • Constructive projects
  • Tenders


  • Standardizations
  • Plans for land planning


  • Design and implementation of environmental management systems (ISO 14.001, EMAS)
  • Assessment
  • Wastewater discharges
  • Management of wastewater treatment plants
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Landscape studies
  • Environmental authorizations

Monitoring of sire works

  • Topography
  • Technical assistance to site supervision
  • Site supervision
  • Coordination related to Health&Safety

Management with official entities and companies. Project Management

Management with official entities and companies.

Project Management 

  • Economic study of return on investment
  • Selection of contractors and suppliers
  • Investment analysis
  • Cost control


Construction management
Due Diligence
Monitoring of projects
Installations management