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R&D - Collaborations

One of the main objectives of Iberport is to make a contribution in the training of young professional generations, in order to promote their integration into labour market. Iberport, has a traineeship programme in the company aimed at university students, implemented through collaboration agreements with the Polytechnic University of Valencia and Catholic University of Valencia.


What is the purpose of these traineeship programmes?

  • Training of the university students encompassing practical and theoretical training, in order to prepare them for professional practice. The main purpose is to train professionals with a real vision of problems and its interrelationships, who are conscious of the reality of their social environment.
  • To give students the chance to combine theoretical expertise with practical training and to join the job market after fulfilling the traineeship.

What do these programmes consist of?

The main task consists of achieving the knowledge of how a Consulting engineering company works through direct experience with the work team of Iberport Consulting, S.A. To achieve this aim, the following works are developed by students:

  • Students learn the codes and standards necessary to carry out projects of civil engineering, coastal engineering and installations as well as related to environmental issues.
  • Students are involved in carrying out construction projects and technical reports.
  • They learn the specific software used in the different analyses performed in the projects.


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